Director’s Message


Welcome from

the Director of the North American Region Board



Dear Members and Chapter Chairs of ComSoc in North America Region (NAR),


IEEE ComSoc has four Regions: North America Region, Asia/Pacific Region, Europe/Middle-East/Africa Region, and Latin America Region.

Our North America Region (NAR) is the largest Region worldwide where it currently:

  • has more than 22,000 ComSoc members, and
  • consists of 93 ComSoc Chapters:
    • 75 Chapters in United States (Region 1 – Region 6), and
    • 18 Chapters in Canada (Region 7)

It is an honour and privilege to serve as the Director of North America Region Board (NAB) for 2018-2019.

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to all the past Directors and Members of NAB for their outstanding services to the NAR and ComSoc.

Second, I am pleased to welcome the new and dedicated team of the NAB, for more information please visit Board. The team will be serving and providing support to the Chapters and members in North America Region. I encourage the Chapter Chairs and the members to contact the NAB and their Region Representatives in case of any questions, needs, and/or concerns relative to ComSoc activities in their respective IEEE Region (R1-R7).

The North America Region Board (NAB) is responsible for stimulating, coordinating and promoting the activities of ComSoc members and chapters throughout the North America region. The NAB organizes Region Chapter Chair Congress (RCCC), and an annual Strategic Discussion Meeting (SDM) for the chapters in each region to meet and bring for discussion several issues related to their chapters. The NAB organizes the RCCC at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) and/or at the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). Please visit the RCCC to see the when and where will take place and mark it on your calendar. The Chapter Chairs will be invited to attend the RCCC accordingly, the cost will be covered by ComSoc after review and approval.

My recommendations to the NAR ComSoc Chapter Chairs:

  1. I encourage all chapter chairs to take advantage of our great ComSoc Distinguished Lecturers (DLT) and Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP) by contacting our NAR DLT/DSP Coordinator Anader Benyamin at The DLT/DSP are a most effective way to add value to ComSoc chapter membership. In addition to DLT/DSP, I also encourage all chapter chairs to organize for their members by hosting local events such as technical and educational seminars, professional and social meetings, and workshops.
  2. While discussing our chapter activities and achievements, this is a good time to draw everyone’s attention to our Global Communications Newsletter (GCN) which should be viewed as our “Voice of the Chapters.” This newsletter appears in each monthly issue of IEEE Communications Magazine and gives our chapters the opportunity to share their member activities within our global community.  Whenever you have something you would like to share, please write up a short article and send it to the GCN Editor.
  3. I also encourage all chapter chairs to complete ComSoc Chapter Questionnaire in time and apply for ComSoc chapter fund in supporting local activities.
  4. Chapters are also able to apply for ComSoc Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) in strengthening the Society, supporting membership development growth, and making it a world-wide professional community.
  5. I ask all the Chapter Chair Encourage to create website and Facebook pages for your chapters to keep your membership informed and involved. Please get in touch with Ting Qian (ComSoc Staff) at: and she will be more than happy to get you started.

ComSoc has become the premier international forum for the exchange of ideas on communications technologies and information networking.

Volunteer members of the Society shape the course of IEEE ComSoc, its publications, technical activities, and conferences while the Society’s strength comes from the vision and dedication of its members and staff.

IEEE ComSoc members stay on top of the world of communications technology by accessing up-to-the-minute technical information, networking with other experts in the field, and leveraging many other exclusive benefits.

Today, IEEE ComSoc is a leading global community comprised of a diverse group of industry professionals with a common interest in advancing all communications technologies. To that end, the Society sponsors publications, conferences, educational programs, local activities, and technical committees.

Best regards,

Dr. Wahab Almuhtadi, P.Eng., SMIEEE, EIC Fellow
Director, IEEE ComSoc North America Board
Member, IEEE ComSoc BoG