Welcome from the Director of the North American Region Board



Dear Members and Chapter Chairs of ComSoc in North America Board (NAB)

It is a great honor to serve as IEEE ComSoc Director of the North America Region Board (NAB). I’d like to express my appreciation to all the past Directors and Members of NAB for their outstanding services to the NAR and ComSoc.

Currently, IEEE ComSoc has four Regions: North America Region, Asia/Pacific Region, Europe/Middle-East/Africa Region, and Latin America Region.

The Communications Society’s North American Region (NAR) consists of 95 IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc) Chapters in the following IEEE regions:

  • United States:
    • IEEE Region 1 – Northeastern USA:  16 ComSoc Chapters
    • IEEE Region 2 – Eastern USA:  9 ComSoc Chapters
    • IEEE Region 3 – Southeastern USA:  16 ComSoc Chapters
    • IEEE Region 4 – Central USA:  9 ComSoc Chapters
    • IEEE Region 5 – Southwestern USA:  11 ComSoc Chapters
    • IEEE Region 6 – Western USA:  16 ComSoc Chapters
  • Canada:
    • IEEE Region 7 – Canada:  18 ComSoc Chapters

For description and details, please visit https://na.regions.comsoc.org

I am pleased to welcome the new and dedicated team of the NAB – please visit the Board page for the roster. The team will be serving and providing support to the Chapters and members in the North America Region. I encourage the Chapter Chairs and the members to contact the NAB and their Region Representatives in case of any questions, needs, and/or concerns relative to ComSoc activities in their respective IEEE Region (R1-R7).

The North America Region Board (NAB) is responsible for stimulating, coordinating and promoting the activities of ComSoc members and chapters throughout the North America region. The NAB organizes Region Chapter Chair Congress (RCCC), and an annual Strategic Discussion Meeting (SDM) for the chapters in each region to meet and bring for discussion several issues related to their chapters. The NAB organizes the RCCC at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) and/or at the IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM). Please visit the RCCC page to see when and where the next RCCC will take place and mark it on your calendar. The Chapter Chairs will be invited to attend the RCCC accordingly; ComSoc will cover the cost after review and approval.

I encourage all chapter chairs to complete the ComSoc Chapter Questionnaire in time and apply for ComSoc chapter funding to support local activities.

NAR Exceptional Service Award

The goal is to recognize ComSoc members in the North America Region for their activities and contributions for the success of their local Chapters and Regions.

The award is named the “IEEE ComSoc North American Regional Exceptional Service Award” which consists of a plaque and honorarium of US$400. There is a maximum of 3 awards that will be granted each year.

NAB – 2020-2021 Strategic Plan/Initiatives

 We have an exciting program for 2020-2021 that will help energize the base striving to be relevant to both the members and the community at large.

The overall mission statement for 2020-2021 for ComSoc NAB and chapters is to


With the help of NAB regional representatives & Standing Committees ensure:

  1. ComSoc visibility and membership growth in the context of IEEE, other Societies, and Future Directions
    1. Use of IEEE (OU Analytics) and other tools to understand a given region’s demographics, membership, contact information, affiliation, and expertise to build target programs that are relevant to the members and community.
    2. Utilize the ComSoc Marketing kit that will help in making ComSoc more visible, such as Elevator pitch, Marketing flyer, List of useful Resources, Pricing information, and Value proposition/benefits.
    3. Leverage $1 membership to conduct a focused campaign.
    4. MDSG: Chapters can apply for ComSoc Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) in strengthening the Society, supporting membership development growth, and making it a world-wide professional community.
  2. Chapter vitality
  3. Offer RELEVANT topics presented by domain experts, with adequate meeting frequency, and acknowledge feedback from the audience.
  4. Chapter Website/Social Media: Encourage to create website and social media for your chapters to keep your membership informed and involved.
  5. Encourage all chapter chairs to take advantage of our great ComSoc Distinguished Lecturers (DLT) and Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP) by contacting our NAR DLT/DSP Coordinator Tim Weil at tweil@securityfeeds.net
  6. Take advantage of ComSoc Global Communications Newsletter (GCN). This newsletter appears in each monthly issue of Communications Magazine to all chapter chairs. Please write up a short article and send it to the GCN Editor.
  7. Outreach Program
    1. Industry & Community Outreach: Engage in outreach projects that bring visibility to ComSoc members and community.
    2. Students – Outreach Hands-on Community IoT/Analytics projects that brings grater fulfillment to senior design students. Regional Reps are to encourage chapter chairs to explore opportunities in their areas. Students can showcase their projects at University Senior Design Day, present at local IEEE Chapter, and showcase at other events.
  8. Networking & cross-collaboration
    1. Generate special activities connecting and networking with other chapters/sections and regions.
    2. Virtual events: Connecting chapters, sections, regions for a specific theme/purpose for a specific period of time.
    3. Participation & leveraging special IEEE events in NA (e.g. IEEE Section Congress 2020 (Ottawa August 21-23), IEEE VIC – Vision | Innovation | Challenges Summit (Vancouver May 15, 2020).
    4. NAR: RCCC (Date TBD).
  9. Process efficiency
    1. Identify & leverage assessment tools for chapter vitality, monitoring & tracking and feedback survey
    2. Streamline operations (AI Record Management) & IT Support
    3. Aim for inclusiveness (gender, grade, affiliation, geography, age)
    4. P&Ps: Review Bylaws and Propose a modification in the P&P to give the Regional Director the option to appoint standing committee chairs from other ComSoc members/chapter chairs. This avoids adding more workload on the Regional Reps and allows the Director to work directly with those who have passion for the job (Industry outreach, Students activities, Professional Development, etc.)

ComSoc has become the premier international forum for the exchange of ideas on communications technologies and information networking.  Volunteer members of the Society shape the course of IEEE ComSoc, its publications, technical activities, and conferences while the Society’s strength comes from the vision and dedication of its members and staff.  To that end, the Society sponsors publications, conferences, educational programs, local activities, and technical committees.

I look forward to working with my NAB colleagues and chapter chairs to make ComSoc visible, be relevant and inclusive to members and community at large and strive to grow membership.

Best regards,
Fawzi Behmann
Director, IEEE ComSoc North America Board
Member, IEEE ComSoc BoG